I loved this! Whenever my kids would ask this question on a long trip I’d say, “Guys, we’re NEVER there. We’re always HERE.” Think about it. They would smile (sometimes) and try to argue the fact that, “Well, we’ll be there sometime because we’ll see Grandma and Grandpa and they’re THERE.” Some of my favorite childhood memories, though, are with my family traveling from state to state. My mom would read us books about the place we were going. Or we’d play the alphabet game: trying to find signs that match the letters of the alphabet, in order. Or slug bug. While we’re tempted to give our kids a mobile device, limit their time on it. Have some fun, play games, sing, read the Keys for Kids devotional, or listen to a Down Gilead Lane audio drama (you can find them on our store!). It could be life-changing.

Suggested Reading: Proverbs 17:22