Mom, have you ever wished your kids would tell you what they want? It was especially true when they were babies, but now it’s easier, isn’t it? Sometimes, though, you fail to ask. This week we’re featuring ten common-sense things kids want from moms.1 We’re nearing the end of them. The next thing kids want from Mom: “let them play outside a lot.” Why, because it’s there they can use their imaginations. They can play physical games, and they can see God’s creation. It also gets them away from electronics, right? Oh, and go out WITH them. It’ll be fun. Finally, today, kids want Mom to “cuddle under a blanket and watch our favorite TV show together.” These are suggestions that show your kids you love them, which is the platform to sharing Christ.

1This Parent Minute series is based in part on “The Top 10 Things Children Really Want Their Parents To Do With Them” by Erin Kurt,

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