Pastor David DeSelm at Fellowship Missionary Church says REST. Do it! We need it. He was speaking at a conference I was at recently. And I thought, “Parents need to hear this.” Question: Did God NEED to rest when he finished creation? NO! But he modeled it for us. And so did Jesus. The work wasn’t done, but Jesus took time away, even facing criticism from His disciples. Is your family busy seven days a week? You NEED a Sabbath—a day where you ask the question, “Do I want to? Or have to?” That day—whatever it is—is a day your family just enjoys each other. Plan it. Prepare for it. And protect it. Use it for fun, to grow spiritually, and rejuvenate. If you do it right, it’ll be a day your family looks forward to.

Suggested Reading: Genesis 2:2, Matthew 11:28-29