Isn’t it great that we don’t have to live that part of our lives over again, especially now? Today, it’s estimated that there is $1.3 trillion in college debt in the United States1. Unfortunately, a lot of graduates aren’t getting the jobs they need to pay off an average of over $37,000 in student loans2. Do you have a kid who hasn’t been on the college track in high school and really isn’t sure what they are going to do with their life? College might not be for them right away. But don’t be a hovering parent. Let them make some mistakes. Encourage them to follow their passions. Remember, God’s plans aren’t always our plans. Often He uses people you wouldn’t think possible to make an eternal difference.

1Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit (February 2017)

2Based on 2016 data from Mark Kantrowitz, expert on student financial aid/scholarships/loans

Suggested Reading: 1 Corinthians 1:27