“Hi Greg. This is Katelyn. Older kids on the playground told my 1st grader a kid was killed at their school, and he haunts the playground.  And that’s why the swings move—not because of the wind. It’s ghosts. Suggestions?” Kids can be mean, can’t they? Ask your 1st grader if it was windy. If they say yes, then they’ve already proven your point that ghosts aren’t running through the playground. I wouldn’t suggest saying there’s no such things as ghosts because then you’ll get: “Well, what about the Holy Ghost?”—like Katelyn’s kids did. Remind them kids can be mean—that’s sin and we should pray for them. Make sure you do and then encourage your kids to share Christ, the only answer to life after death.

Suggested Reading: Hebrews 9:27, Matthew 25:46