Sleepovers. These can be pressure-filled events. There are a lot of families who have taken the safe route: no sleepovers—ever. Why? Well, here are five reasons from (formerly (1) “No one needs to sleep at anyone’s house but their own.” A lot can happen after the parent goes to bed. (2) “You don’t know people as well as you think you do.” (3) “Nothing good ever happens in the wee hours of the night.” Bullying, truth or dare, pranking, and more can get out of control. (4) “Why…put yourself in a position to be wrongfully accused” of inappropriate behavior? Kids have done that, and it could ruin your life. (5) “Sleepovers should be for very close family, in special circumstances,” because even some relatives don’t have the same values as we do.

1This Parent Minute is based on “6 Reasons You Should Never Let Your Kids Have Sleepovers” by Gina Holt,

Suggested Reading: Matthew 18:10