You know as parents and grandparents we do our best to teach our kids to be good people. As Christ followers we want them to love God. Gail asks, “How do we teach them to own up to their offenses and ask for forgiveness?” well it’s easier for some kids than others. Teach them early, though. The easiest way is to demonstrate it. When we offend our kids or our spouse be vocal about it, asking for forgiveness. Admit it. Tell them what we did, how sorry we are and what we’re going to do to address it Then explain that this is a picture of salvation. We’ve got to admit that we’re sinners, that we need a savior and that in Christ we’re forgiven forever. Read scripture to reinforce that. Don’t forget, we’re not after moral kids. Our goal is Christ-followers.

Suggested Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:11 , Hebrews 12:14