Picture this. You get home from work. Your kids didn’t take care of the dishes, forgot to take their laundry to their room, and left crumbs in your La-Z-Boy. What?! They didn’t do their homework, either? Well, now you’re really ticked. You’re going over and over in your head what you’re going to say to them when they walk in the front door. It’s tempting to do what I’ve done. You go over each failure with them, one by one—with each one getting more intense—until, finally, they’re feeling attacked and discouraged, and you’re loud and out of control. What works better? Find something positive; tell them. Then, point out what they missed. Assume the best, not the worst. Should there be consequences? Of course. But only after they know you still love them. Scripture to help? Check out Proverbs 4:20-22 and Proverbs 16:24.

Suggested Reading: Proverbs 4:20-22,, Proverbs 16:24