Everybody loves vacation, right? Unplug. Chill. No stress. Yeah, right. It seems like the stress ratchets up once the planning starts, and even more as you pack. This one mother told me she hates vacation because everybody gets so stressed out. She wasn’t sure why because she not only has every moment planned, but she has lists for everybody. I asked one question: “What does your family think about YOUR plans?” Then she snapped, “You sound just like them.” Include the whole family in vacation plans. Allow for downtime. Depending on the age, empower your kids to pack and create their own lists—and don’t just make the VACATION fun, but the planning AND the packing1. Spiritual lesson? Don’t exasperate your kids.

1“Stress-Free Traveling?” by Amanda Thomas, Moxie-Girl.com.

Suggested Reading: Ephesians 6:4