“You’re the best!” “You were singing better than everybody up there.” “You hit the ball further than all the other kids.” If it’s true, you’re not lying. But if they’re not the best, is it lying to tell our kids these things, or should we be truthful? I know it’s important to help our kids with confidence. We need to show them how much we believe in them, but lying to them may hurt your relationship. Eventually, they’ll figure it out. Some will even wonder, “What else are they lying about?” Say things like, “You really gave it your all today, didn’t you? I’m so proud of you.” Or, “Your practice really paid off, didn’t it? Great job.” Speaking the TRUTH in love can build trust for the future.

Suggested Reading: Psalm 15:2,, Proverbs 12:17,, Ephesians 4:25