NO—we don’t. BetsyJo wanted me to tackle this because this is what her eight-year-old was told at the bus stop. Here’s a quick lesson with help from John Piper at Desiring God: God’s covenant was through Abraham, yes, but the promise of an heir to salvation wasn’t through Hagar’s son Ishmael—created man’s way—but through Isaac, Sarah’s son, who was created supernaturally by God. We need to tell our kids salvation is also supernatural—by God’s grace and mercy. Nothing we could ever do could earn it, unlike Islam. But remind our kids to love Muslims. It’s through love, sharing Bible verses, and prayer that the Holy Spirit will do His supernatural work.

This Parent Minute is based in part on “How the Offspring of Isaac Blesses the Sons of Ishmael” by John Piper,

Suggested Reading: Mark 12:27,, Genesis 17:7-8, 20