College debt is unbelievable. Do you realize that the average college graduate is starting their career with more than $37,000 worth of debt?1 And, upon graduation, a lot of them won’t even be able to pay off that debt because of low-paying jobs. While education is a great thing and I totally endorse it, it’s not for everybody. Some young people can fix things, build things, or make things look better—so trade school is better for them. Or, maybe they love caring for people and they can receive training in adult care. Don’t be discouraged if Harvard or even the local college isn’t in the cards for our son or daughter. Encourage them in their gifts. Pray. God has a plan and, with a little help, they’ll figure it out.

1Based on 2016 data from Mark Kantrowitz, expert on student financial aid/scholarships/loans

Suggested Reading: 1 Chronicles 16:11, 1 Corinthians 8:6