A couple in our church became parents for the first time. A very proud grandmother was telling us how her son and daughter-in-law were coping with the changes. She told us about the loss of sleep, the diaper changes, the feedings, and the DEVOTIONS? Yep, devotions. Devotions with their infant son. Somebody listening to the baby update said what everyone else was thinking, “They know the baby doesn’t understand yet, right?” This grandmother explained that this new dad wasn’t doing devotions for his newborn son. He was doing it for himself. He wanted to get into a habit of praying and reading God’s Word with his son. Do you have kids? Struggling with family devotions? Keys for Kids Ministries has devotions every dayjust for you. Go to our website to get the Keys for Kids devotional.

Suggested Reading: 3 John 1:4,, Proverbs 3:1