I don't always show it. I'm sure you're like me, there's nothing they can do to make us stop loving them, but do THEY know that? I'm embarrassed to say that because of my desire to control things and people my kids probably thought I didn’t. I was a pretty fun-loving guy until I felt disrespected. I’d get quiet or fly off the handle and say not very nice things. Once my little girl said, “Daddy, I'm sorry I'm such a screw-up. Should I go away?” It shook me. I grabbed her. Hugged her, told her I’d always love her, but told her I was a sinner and need her forgiveness and God’s too. God restores. Colossians 3:13 says “Forgive anyone who offends you,” and as parents, we've got to do this BEFORE our kids ask.

Suggested Reading: Colossians 3:13, I Corinthians 13:4-7