My youngest daughter Anastasia has always been a pretty good athlete. Just about everything she touched athletically, she was pretty good at. But, just like everything else, if you don’t practice—well, you know what happens. Anastasia was a natural basketball player, but she wouldn’t practice. She shook it off, telling me she was already pretty good at it. I warned her that if she didn’t practice the girls would pass her by. Well, that happened around the 8th grade. And it’s been a struggle ever since. Parents, encouraging your kids to practice isn’t just great for the sport or instrument that they’re playing—it provides great lessons in life. Dedication to practice not only helps our kids learn a good work ethic, but that same dedication is needed to help mold a child’s devotional life. You can get a free kids’ devotional at our website here.

Suggested Reading: Psalm 119:11