As parents, we’ve all been there. You’re trying to get that perfect family picture, but Junior wants NOTHING to do with it. This photo session is just an obstacle in his life preventing him from running, playing with his lightsaber, and teasing the cat. How do you get him to do what YOU want without him knowing it? Here’s what NOT to do. Don’t bribe him—then the only way you can get him to behave is when you give him something. You can make it a contest: “Let’s see who can smile the biggest?” Or, “I bet I can stand still better than you.” But if your little “challenge” isn’t fooled, remember to remind them about disobedience and how that’s sin—sin that can only be cured by Christ alone.

Suggested Reading: Ephesians 2:8-9,, Ephesians 6:1,, Romans 3:23,, Romans 5:8