Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “The only reason we let you live is to give us grandkids.” While that’s kind of funny, it’s not so funny if you’re an overbearing grandparent. Who doesn’t like to spoil their grandkids? But are we spoiling our grandkids at the expense of our relationship with our kids? I can see slipping Junior a piece of gum every once in a while, but should we be buying them everything they want whenever they see it? I remember our grandson wanted a root beer. Mom said no. And as soon as Mom left, Grandma got him a root beer. Grandmas CAN spoil grandkids but CAN’T undermine Mom’s authority. There could have been a reason—discipline, health. Just remember, you were a parent once too.

Suggested Reading: Psalm 133:1, 1 Corinthians 1:10