That’s kind of me. I’m a constant tease. I don’t typically do it to hurt anybody’s feelings, but I’ve discovered over the years those who don’t understand my teasing can find it offensive and hurtful. My guess is you may have a child or two like this. We can’t treat them all the same. Guys, if you call your sensitive son “Alice” because he won’t climb a tall ladder or jump off a high dive, it can deflate him emotionally and cause a major relationship problem. While teasing in our family is generally good-natured, good-natured teasing has actually gotten me into trouble here at Keys for Kids. Ultimately, though, those who tease may need to tone it down a little bit—and, at the very least, be sensitive to our kids who can’t handle it.

Suggested Reading: Luke 6:31, John 15:12, Ephesians 4:32