Cara asks: can you talk about “how to teach your kids not to act like barn animals”? Well, burps and far…—I mean, flatulence—can be the most entertaining of noises to some boys—maybe girls too, I don’t know. When they happen at unexpected moments it can create uncontrollable laughter. But when it happens in the middle of prayer, school, weddings, or church or funeral services, it can be embarrassing, especially if it’s done on purpose. When our kids are young, make sure you teach them to say, “Excuse me.” That’s obvious. We always told our kids at dinner, “If you have to ‘toot,’ go to the bathroom.” Forcing it in public isn’t appropriate in many cases, but let’s face it—while it’s gross—I can think of a lot worse things, can’t you?

Suggested Reading: Proverbs 1:7