When we think of idols, many of us think about images of Buddha or what the Bible describes as graven images. According to RadicallyChristian.com, idolatry is “making a good thing an ultimate thing.”1 So any created thing can become an idol. Romans 1:25 makes this clear. That means our cars, kids, spouse, boat, CELL PHONE, or anything else can get in the way of us following after God. When it comes to our kids, making our mobile device our idol does more than hinder our relationship with Christ, it affects our kids. Think about it. The more time you spend on your cell phone, the less time you spend with God and, talking, listening, and playing with our kids. It’s behavior that can be imitated and is just plain rude.

1This Parent Minute is based in part on “How to Recognize and Get Rid of the Idols in Your Life” by Wes McAdams, RadicallyChristian.com

Suggested Reading: Romans 1:25