You might not have any statues, but I’ll bet you have other kinds of idols and your kids know what they are. I was listening to a pastor friend the other day. I loved what he said, “God tells us how to live in His Word. When we don’t believe what we read, we disobey. Unbelief isn’t the issue for Christians. It’s idolatry…the affection of our heart for another god.” What causes you to abandon biblical teaching? Is it work, family, hobbies, money, vacations, lust, selfishness, etc? Anything that causes unbelief, abandoning Scripture and doing our own thing, is idolatry. Parents, John tells us in Revelation 2 to come back to our first love and repent. As you do, tell the kids in your life. It’ll speak volumes.

Suggested Reading: Luke 12:32-34, Revelation 2:4-5