Josh Havens, lead singer of The Afters, has struggles just like the rest of us. He’s not home sometimes. When he is, there can be distractions. “I realize I need to focus on staying in the moment. When my kids are talking to me, I need to be all ears. I need to not be distracted. I need to put my phone away. A big thing for me I’ve realized is not even having my phone in the room. Because if it’s there, it’s a distraction. And I’ll look at it, and, the next thing you know, my kid’s trying to tell me something, and I’m only half-listening, and they feel ignored.” Good words, Josh. Many of us work a lot. We miss milestones in our kids’ lives. Maybe like me, you’ve fallen asleep during family time. Let’s make a change, shall we? Prioritize time with our kids. There’s not much time. How else are we going to lead them to Christ?

Suggested Reading: Psalm 39:4-5