Josh Havens, lead singer of The Afters, has struggles just like the rest of us. He’s not home sometimes. When he is, there can be distractions. “I realize I need to focus on staying in the moment. When my kids are talking to me, I need to be all ears. I need to not be distracted. I need to put my phone away. A big thing for me I’ve realized is not even having my phone in the room. Because if it’s there, it’s a distraction. And I’ll look at it, and, the next thing you know, my kid’s trying to tell me something, and I’m only half-listening, and they feel ignored.” Good words, Josh. Many of us work a lot. We miss milestones in our kids’ lives. Maybe like me, you’ve fallen asleep during family time. Prioritize time with our kids. There’s not much time. How else are we going to lead them to Christ?

Suggested Reading: Psalm 39:4-5