If you have a son, you know how hard this is. For a mom, you gave birth to them. You changed their diapers, wipe their nose (and other things), you toddler-proofed the house, bandaged skinned knees, cheered them on in t-ball. You taught them the gospel, challenged them to do homework, praised them for their grades, encouraged them to find godly friends. You took pride in their athletic, music, and scholastic abilities, counseled them as they picked a college and spouse…and then—they’re gone. While they still love you, you’re not the center point of their life. They have their own family. While we love who they’ve become, there’s grief because you know all those different little ones you raised are now Facebook memories. Then, grandkids make all things well.

Suggested Reading: Psalm 77:11, Isaiah 46:9; 49:15-16