I was pretty blessed. I had three of my four grandparents well into my adult life. In fact, my Grandpa and Grandma Yoder became very close to our family. We spent many summer weekends up North at the cottage they built on Lake Huron. And it continues to be one of our family’s favorite vacation spots. While I was blessed, many families don’t have any grandparents. Let me encourage you to become the neighborhood grandparent. Do something special for those little kiddos next door or across the street. Give them candy, play games, or do some special projects with them just like grandparents do. And tell them, “You can call me Grandpa Greg” (or whatever your name happens to be). Maybe you’ll be blessed as Grandma Sonja in Wisconsin was when she got to lead her neighborhood granddaughter to Jesus.

Suggested Reading: Proverbs 17:6, , Matthew 18:10