It’s a new year. With each new year is a new opportunity to improve personally. But why not include your family too? This week, I want to give you some ideas. First, if you’re not doing it already, make sure you’re having dinner together…oh, and make sure it’s a no-cell-phone zone. Keep them off and keep them away. Why is dinner together so important? Well, according to research noted by Common Sense Media, it promotes better nutrition, better grades in school, less issues with behavior, and low risk of substance abuse.1 As a Christian family, it gives you some time together to share about your day, encourage one another, and to dig into God’s Word with family devotions. The Keys for Kids devotional can be a great place to start.

1“Why Device-Free Dinners Are a Healthy Choice” by Michael Robb,

Suggested Reading: Proverbs 22:6