Yesterday, I gave you some suggestions about how to respond to your son or daughter who tells you they’re gay. Love first. Then, ask them not to define themselves that way if they’re just having thoughts. And talk to them about what the Bible says about it. But, if they’ve already acted on this and they say, “I’m a homosexual. And that’s the just way it is, and I don’t care what God says”—well, then all you have is love because heart change is needed. Only God can make that happen. Until God convicts them of their sin, it won’t matter what they think of our convictions. “Love is … what drove the prodigal son back to … his father; it’s probably what’s going to drive your son or daughter back, too.

Based on “How should Christian parents respond if one of their children comes out as gay?”,

Suggested Reading: John 16:1-15,, Luke 15:11-32