Kids generally look up to us parents and grandparents. Have you ever noticed one of the kids in our lives have discovered a characteristic that we’re not very proud of, but they’re imitating it? Yep, I have too. I’m pretty outspoken. I’m better than I was, but unfortunately one of my kids took my forthrightness to the “nth” degree. Truth. To the point. Facts. And, lack of empathy and little love to go with it. As a Christ follower, I had to confess my sin. Point out Scripture describing it. And devise a plan to hold each other accountable. Discipline early can mean less heartbreak and broken testimonies as adults. The good news? As a follower of Christ, we’re forgiven. What better lesson is there?

Suggested Reading: Romans 8:1-4, James 5:13-18, I John 1:9