BetsyJo writes, “My daughter’s best friend is being raised in a Muslim family. My daughter is sad because her friend doesn't believe in Jesus. Any advice on what to do?” Our schools today are multicultural. As more and more people immigrate to the United States, the world is coming to us. The question is, “What are we doing to reach them?” Frankly, it can start with our kids. Who are the best people to reach Tanzanians? Tanzanians, right? Who better to reach kids than kids? But we need to train our kiddos to be salt and light—not pulpit-pounding preachers, but people who love people. Jesus was called a friend of sinners for a reason—He loved them—but told them the truth. Our kids can do the same.

Suggested Reading: Matthew 11:19, Matthew 22:36-40, Luke 19:10