Do you know the difference between punishment and discipline? Yeah, it’s obvious, but the reality is a lot of us parents PUNISH and aren’t actively disciplining our kids. For example, if our son or daughter skips school for the tenth time, out of anger and frustration some of us will look at ways to inflict pain on our teen’s life to “get back” at them, rather than help them feel the weight of their decision and give them a way of redemption, which really is the gospel. Don’t worry. A lot of us have fallen into that trap of “punishment,” which according to Chip Ingram can push our kids to resentment, guilt, shame, bitterness, fear, and more. While the rod and correction are biblical, so are love and restoration.

1Based on “Punishment Versus Discipline” by Chip Ingram,

Suggested Reading: Proverbs 10:17, 12:1, 13:24