We go to the store. They’re afraid of the grocery cart. You walk around the block and they’re scared of the chihuahua that just walked by. At family gatherings, they won’t hug grandma or grandpa. How about your pre-teen who hates crowds, scared to go bed without the light on, and gets sick just thinking about speaking in front of people. Fear can be expected if they’ve been through some kind of trauma or abuse, but it's hard to figure out if they haven’t. In my experience ask this question: “Am I afraid?” Sometimes our kids mimic OUR behavior. If not, are we teaching our kids what the Bible says and why? People and things can’t hurt us apart from God’s plan. God promises to give us all we need. Let’s tell our kids that every day.

Suggested Reading: Psalm 118:6, Psalm 56:11, Philippians 4:19