Your oldest started talking right on time. Your second, early. But your third? She’s STILL not talking. Other than asking for a bottle or calling your name, it’s just gibberish. You encourage her. You coach her. Still, nothing. And then you realize, your OTHER kids are talking FOR her. In our family, our older two would actually put words in her mouth, saying things like, “Mom, she’s just asking for a cookie.” Or, “She’s saying that I didn’t do it.” Just be patient. When it comes to communicating, remind your other kids that little sissy needs to talk for herself. Then, ask her to point to things she wants. Then coach her. Mine talked late, but then didn’t stop. Spiritual lesson? Sometimes it CAN be serious, but don’t worry. Seek help if you need to, though.

Suggested Reading: Psalm 55:22, 1 Peter 5:7