Kathleen wrote to Parent Minute suggesting that we talk about raising disabled kids. Now, I’m no expert, so I got some help. According to Abilities.com,1 there are 20 things that every parent of a special needs child needs to hear.

1.    “You are not alone.” Find parents of special needs kids to talk to.

2.     “You…deserve to be cared for.” For those of us listening, that means WE need to reach out to them and help out.

3.    “You aren’t perfect—and that’s ok!” We’re going to make mistakes. God even uses our mistakes to reach our families.

4.    “You are a superhero.” You do things most parents believe “are impossible.”

5.    “Therapy is play.” Don’t get upset when our kids treat it as gym class.

More tomorrow.

1This Parent Minute series is based on “20 Things Every Parent of Kids with Special Needs Should Hear” by Dr. Darla Clayton, Psy.D., Abilities.com

Suggested Reading: Psalm 139:13-14