You’re now the proud parents of school-age kids. Let me ask you something. Are you praying for your kids? I don’t mean “Lord-be-with-Suzie-as-she-heads-off-to-school” kind of prayers. I’m talking about the kind of prayers described in James 5:16 that are fervent and effective. What do they look like? They’re prayers that agree with God’s will—that are passionate and enduring. God’s-will kind of prayers you’ll only know by being close to Him. Passionate prayers come out of desperation. And enduring prayers are those forcing us to wait. These prayers are different for everybody, so give praying for your kids more thought. Make them effective, and make praying a habit.

Suggested Reading: 1 Samuel 1:8-20,, Luke 18:1-8,, James 5:15-16,, 1 John 5:14