I was one of those kids. I prayed the prayer. It was fire insurance. Then I lived my own life—not a Christian at all. As parents, our job isn’t to save our kids. That’s up the Holy Spirit. But our job IS to teach our kids right and wrong and, most importantly, the Gospel. The Gospel must be on our lips 24/7. Jesus was among the people, and THEY lost sight of it. It needs to be ingrained in their little brains that man is sinful, that we’re separated from God, and that Jesus—God’s Holy Son—had to die for us to repair that relationship. We don’t deserve it, but have to confess and believe it. Then, out of gratitude for it, we worship God and share it. We can help you teach it with our free devotional.

Suggested Reading: Psalm 119:105,, 1 John 4:10