While working at home writing Parent Minute scripts, I noticed three neighbor kids playing. They were kicking a ball, laughing. And then, all of the sudden, the youngest started SCREAMING. Immediately, mom came out. I’m not sure what happened but I heard, “I DIDN’T. I just kicked the ball. Why don’t you believe me?” How many times have we disciplined the oldest because the youngest was screaming to get their way? I don’t know if that’s what happened here but if we take the screamer’s side each time, we’re encouraging that behavior. Yet, if we always believe the oldest, the youngest feels injustice. Encouraging our kids to work it out without screaming helps keep emotion out of conflict, which shows respect and love. That’ll go a long way when they become adults.

Suggested Reading: John 13:34, I John 4:7-10, 20