Apparently, that was the response from my kids when they found out I was hosting Parent Minute. First, in full disclosure, I’ve NEVER said I’m an expert. In fact, I’ve made a ton of mistakes, probably more than most. But that always makes me wonder why my kids bought me those “World’s Best Dad” mugs and t-shirts. The reality is our kids KNOW our faults. We can’t hide them, and that’s okay. Those can be teaching moments for our kids, though. First, humility—modeling the fact we aren’t perfect and asking our kids to forgive us when we make mistakes. And then there are teaching moments for us too. It’s a reminder that God is in control and He uses us to make a huge difference in the lives our kids. And guess what? They can make it through our mistakes.

Suggested Reading: Ephesians 4:2, Philippians 2:3