Bullying has been a problem since the beginning of time, I think. We may want to have a talk with our kids about the subject. According to CBN.com, 160,000 kids a day stay home from school because of bullying. A lot of Christian parents tell their kids to ignore it—“turn the other cheek (Matthew 5:39).” Well, Jesus didn’t ignore it. “When Jesus was slapped…by the guard of the High Priest, He did not turn” the other cheek. He confronted him, asking the guard if He had said something wrong—but, if He spoke truth, He wanted to know why He was slapped. He “defended himself with words.” Our kids can and should do the same, not physically or with insults, but with words confronting the injustice. More tomorrow.

This Parent Minute is based on “A Faith-Based Response to Adolescent Bullying” by Paul Coughlin, CBN.com.

Suggested Reading: Matthew 5:39,, John 18:19-23