160,000 kids a day stay home from school because of bullying.1 According to Catherine Wilson, here are the typical targets.2 These kids usually “give in easily to the aggressor’s demands,” “are unable to project an air of indifference to verbal abuse.” They are “anxious…fearful” and “emotional” about the abuse, can’t turn the conversation another direction, “have few friends,” and couldn’t fix it the first time they were attacked. Now, if our son or daughter fits this mold, we need to give them some tools to help. Train them to be more assertive. “Practice responses that project confidence and calm,” not emotional outbursts; give them verbal responses that can end the attack rather than perpetuate it. Bottom line, though, get the school involved. Most of them are willing to help.

1“A Faith-Based Response to Adolescent Bullying” by Paul Coughlin, CBN.com.

2 This Parent Minute is based on “Empowering Your Child to Deal with Bullies” by Catherine Wilson, Focus on the Family.ca

Suggested Reading: Matthew 5:38-40