Our culture today has confused immodesty with the word “cute,” and modesty as “frumpy.” Unfortunately, it’s invaded my household too. The biggest battles between my daughter and me: clothing. Skirts too short; tops too tight or too low. And leggings—don’t get me started on those—they’re not pants. How do we handle this? Since most teenagers think their parents are from the dark ages and others aren’t, we’ve reached out to some trusted friends to assist. When it looks like we’re headed for battle, we get our friend involved. Scripture is always used to guide her, though. We’re not deferring. We’re just getting more opinions. But, Moms and Dads, you and I have to be involved. And, Dads, don’t defer. You and I know what kind of clothing makes us uncomfortable.

Suggested Reading: Titus 2:3-5