During this season of COVID-19, we have been faced with a conflict. Do we yield to authority, or do we stand up for our rights? As followers of Christ, Paul is quite frank in Romans 13 when he says to be subject to authorities that are over us. They’re from God. If you resist, you risk judgment. While this is true, it’s not a blanket statement. The Jews didn’t in Egypt. Daniel didn’t obey. Neither did Peter and Paul when they were told not to preach. But sometimes submission to God will bring us into conflict with the authorities. Here’s the question—how do we reflect Christ-like subjection and justified objection? That’s a tough one, isn’t it? Wrestle with that conflict openly with our kids. Use Scripture as our guide. That’s a lesson they’ll remember for a lifetime.

Suggested Reading: Exodus 1:16-17, Daniel 3:16-18, Romans 13:1-5, I Corinthians 2:8