The coronavirus has caused an amazing problem in society. Anxiousness and fear. That fear closed the world’s economy resulting in layoffs and furloughs of millions worldwide. It’s no wonder we’re afraid. As a parent and grandparent my emotions have gone from skepticism to fear. From confidence in Christ, to lack of faith. From utter joy in knowing God controls it all, to anxiety that judgement from Him could be coming to our nation. Does that describe your rollercoaster? Men and women of the Bible also struggled. Abraham, Moses, Ruth, Esther, David, Peter, Paul, and countless modern-day heroes of the faith. As we live out our faith in front of our kids it’s okay to be open about our struggles (depending on their age) but let them see us use Scripture to correct ourselves.


Suggested Reading: Isaiah 41:10, Psalm 33:4, , Matthew 6:25-34