Today’s culture isn’t a positive place to be if you’re a Christian. Our culture is so messed up we don’t even know the difference between male and female anymore with the transgender issue. The world tells us there are no moral absolutes, God doesn’t exist, and the Bible isn’t truth. Parents, we need to teach our kids to defend their faith: Christian apologetics. Here are a few ways to start with our kids (from Natasha Crain).1 Make sure you have daily Bible time. Start by reminding them that “God has revealed Himself to people in TWO ways: through the Bible and through the world around us.” Then, remind them that “without God, there would be nothing.” Then, use the Bible to begin studying books about space. These are three beginning steps. More tomorrow.

1From “14 Ways I Teach Apologetics to My 5-Year-Olds” by Natasha Crain,

Suggested Reading: Philippians 2:12,, 1 Peter 3:15,, Titus 1:9