Today is part two of training our kids to be defenders of their faith in an increasingly antagonistic world. Here are a few more ways to train your kids in apologetics (from Natasha Crain).1 Talk about the planets and compare them to earth. Talk about how God created the earth for us. Tell your kids “that some people think it happened by ‘chance,’ and how Christians instead believe it’s God’s design.” Then, encourage them to look at God’s fingerprints in creation. What could they look like? Ask, “How could this happen by chance? Can we put a bunch of watch parts together in a bag and hope they will go together perfectly by shaking it?” This supports the argument that God finely tuned His creation. More helps tomorrow.

1Based on “14 Ways I Teach Apologetics to My 5-Year-Olds” by Natasha Crain,

Suggested Reading: Genesis 1:1-31