There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing our kids, who we attempted to raise in godly homes, rejecting Christ with no sign of change. There are families who taught the Bible in their homes, talked about it daily, but the kids walked away. Or maybe, your family read Scripture together, had rules to follow, but now they’re rebelling. One thing I know is true – God is in control. Even in the midst of the most dysfunctional family situations, He can and does lead kids to Himself. Wherever you find yourself, don’t get so focused on your lost kids that you lose your spiritual family. They’re important, too. Continue to love those rejecting Christ, but surround yourself with those who share your faith. They’ll become your prayer partners, encouragers, and accountability. Then, let the Holy Spirit do His work.

Suggested Reading: Matthew 10:34-36, 1 John 3:1-2