New research by the American Academy of Pediatrics says 97% of children under the age of four are using mobile devices.1 Parents are using them as babysitters. Fewer number of parents are actually reading or playing with their kids. I don’t need to tell you how harmful this is. First, if our kids aren’t being read to, vocabulary and conversation skills aren’t being developed. Our kids won’t know how to interact with people. Imagination goes out the window. What kind of bond are they developing with you when you don’t read? Some studies suggest cell phone usage may cause behavioral issues in kids. Suggestion: put the cell phone away and spend one-on-one time with your kids reading—maybe Bible stories or some classics. They NEED it and so do you.

Based in part on observations featured in “Babies Younger than 2 Are Using Smartphones and Tablets” by Quentin Fottrell (with contributions from Catey Hill),

1“Exposure and Use of Mobile Media Devices in Children,” Pediatrics,

Suggested Reading: Proverbs 22:6