Over the next five days we’re going to look at ten things kids want from Mom.1 Today, the first two. One, Mom, go into your kids’ room at night, tuck them in, sing them a song, and tell them stories about when you were young. These are precious moments, Mom. They’re stories your son or daughter, if told often enough, will tell their kids about your life and theirs. These little ones are interested in your stories, and they want to know. It’s a great way to pass on family traditions and happy memories. Secondly, kids want hugs and kisses, and they want to sit and talk with you privately, not with other kids. These young people want to feel special. And this is when you can tell them how you came to Christ.

1This Parent Minute series is based in part on “The Top 10 Things Children Really Want Their Parents To Do With Them” by Erin Kurt, LifeHack.org

Suggested Reading: Mark 10:13-16